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This conference is the yearly traditional scientific event organized by Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest. It is envisaged as a significant international event to cover a wide range of geographic topics and themes intending to raise debates inside the vast approaches of research and teaching geography. The conference aims to stimulate debate inside each suggested thematic pillar by inviting speakers from higher education, school education and research oriented institutions or environments.

In highlighting examples of good practice, research state of the art and showing novelty through teaching, the conference provides a high profile platform to advance the evidence base for a wide range of themes from physical and human environment, territorial, natural, economic and social changes and challenges within the variety of different environments.


Thematic Pillars

Given the vast area of scientific interest the conference attempts to organize the diversity of discussion themes/subjects under the following main thematic pillars:

1) Recent Dynamics and Challenges of Territorial, Economic and Social processes

2) Geomorphology in the relation with human society

3) Living with Weather, Climate and Water

4) Challenges of Environment and Human Dimension

5) Teaching Geography between traditional and modern


1. Hidden Bucharest? The New and the Old City: A Contradictory Evolution through Regeneration and Gentrification Processes

2. The past, the present and the future of Bucharest Industrial Heritage – development vs regeneration

3. Elements of environmental geomorphology on Argeş Valley south from Bucharest

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Invitation to the Conference

Dear Colleagues, We have the pleasure to announce that the Department of Human and Economic Geography in behalf of Faculty of Geography - University of Bucharest is organizing its annual conference on :

“Understanding Land, People and Environment: Research and Teaching perspectives in Geography ”

The organizing institution envisage the event as an attempt to provide an open forum for geographers and specialists from its related fields, to present and discuss the most recent aspects in several sub-fields of geography research and teaching wise for both higher and school education.

The event is expected to provide a fertile environment for debating relevant geography theoretical, philosophical and methodological issues, in addition to considering policy dimensions, forecasting, project implementing and educational reform challenges both in the Romanian and other European countries.

The event will be held in Bucharest, Romania, November 10- 11, 2012, within the premises of the “Casa Universitarilor”, Bucharest, Sector 1, 46 Dionisie Lupu, Romania.

Hoping you will find our event of scientific interest and challenging, we look forward to seeing you all in Bucharest!

The organizing committee

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