3. Living with Weather, Climate and Water

People on planet Earth have to live in an ever - changing weather and climate. Some changes may be positive, but many others will have a negative impact, not only on present generations, but also on our descendants. More than ever, we need scientific knowledge to better understand weather and climate. But there is a wide gap between the needs for action and the current research work. This includes existing observation systems, data exchange, resources and risk management techniques, quality monitoring etc. Efficient management of the weather, climatic and water-related risks today is the foundation for discovering newer potential uses of meteorological and hydrological information of tomorrow.

a. Weather and Climate Events: Risks and Responses

Extreme weather and climate events are expected to occur any time because of the natural variability of climate and the assumed climate change. Taking appropriate precautionary measures has thus become urgent. The key term is adaptation. That is why researchers have to provide basic findings on the human impact of such events, on one side, and on the capacity of the population to adapt to extreme weather and climate conditions, for reducing vulnerability, on the other side. Maximizing the effectiveness of such adaptation measures requires intense multidisciplinary cooperation between experts in numerous fields.

b. Water and Society

Profound pressures on Earth’s water resources affect health, the economy and sustainable development. Industrialization, intensification of agriculture, growing populations and increases in recreational demands increase the necessity for sufficient high-quality water resources. The occurrence of natural disasters such as droughts and floods, highlights the need for sustainable management of water. Universal access to safe drinking-water that protects human health and the environment is of primary concern in the pursuit of health and development. That is why current research issues in hydrology are based on a mainly multi sectorial approach to large and safe water supplies.



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