The past, the present and the future of Bucharest Industrial Heritage – development vs regeneration

Coordinators: dr. Daniela Dumbraveanu, dr. Gabriel Simion

Location: Zona Uranus, Autogara Filaret, Cutitul de Argint

Time: 3 ore (11 noiembrie 10-13)

Costs: 0

Starting point: Autogara Filaret


 Industrial heritage of a capital city such as Bucharest is one of the most complex urban aspects a settlement is facing. The historical complexity of this type of heritage ads on to realities such as, its state, its development its urban planning future and not least its integrated regeneration. The capital city of Bucharest as former highest industrialised centre of the country does inherit a considerable industrial pre communist heritage along with a vast communist one of the kind.

 The past of this type of heritage is certainly interesting and evocative, the present of it raises some very serious problems in terms of urban planning and either developing it or regenerating it.  The future of such heritage stands into purpose, why develop but most should it be regenerated? If the answer is yes, then some other questions spring out, what for and whom for? Managing heritage is currently almost a standard procedure across Europe and it is becoming more and more like this for the industrial heritage. The management of such heritage for tourism could be one of the trends for Bucharest industrial heritage along with maybe its further modern development. Regenerated as well as developed industrial heritage areas are certainly attractive but for different types target groups.



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